2016 Zian Hantu 8m

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Designed to accelerate your progression no matter what your style is, the HantuII blends a real C-kite feel with the performance, simplicity and safety of a delta kite.


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HANTUII Description

Engineered with wakestyle and freestyle riders in mind, the HantuII offers a crisp, connected, and lively feel — precision performance for Masters of Style, kitelooping, and big-air boosting. This potent and versatile 3-strut hybrid offers everything you want: powerful precision, direct response, explosive lift, long hang time, smooth glide, quick turning, massive range, exeptional stability, effortless relaunch, and a world-class no-stall design.
Suited for intermediate to pro kiters, the HantuII will boost you to the moon, help you throw unhooked wakestyle tricks with ease, slay rails and kickers, turn spectators heads with gigantic megaloops, and drop jaws with floaty, old-school board-offs.

Offering a consistent and smooth pull, the 4-line HantuII delivers user-friendly handling, adjustable bar pressure, high depower and a fifth-line option for ultimate safety. For wakestyle warriors, this kite delivers the coveted “moment of slack” — a short delay in power after loading and popping off the water — which makes handle passing easier than ever.

What's more, the HantuII excels in the waves, offers excellent upwind reach and low-wind performance, and is guaranteed to expedite your progression. Engineered and constructed to the industry’s highest standards, what sets this kite apart is that it performs on par with the best of the best — but without the inflated cost. No matter your style, the HantuII will pave the way to becoming a Master of Style. 

Extreme performance, without the extreme price tag!!

Rider Profile:

The Hantu is ideal for riders of all types, especially riders who enjoy any combination of the following: 
hooked-in freestyle, unhooked wakestyle, big jumps, kite loops, and/or powered wave riding.


The HantuII provides dual setup options:

1) Freeride Mode — featuring light bar pressure, tight turns, maximum depower, smooth power development, and high steering sensitivity. 

2) Wakestyle Mode — featuring medium bar pressure, increased kite feedback, aggressive kite loops, maximum pop, less depower, and less pull unhooked.

HANTUII Construction

Utilizing hassle-free block pulleys on the bridle, the lightweight Hantu VII also features a wide-mouth wingtip dump valve and a single-point, one-way inflation system for quick-and-easy setup and breakdown. To boost long-term durability and performance for 2016, we introduced four new materials: Challenge Dacron, Double Ripstop SBS101 Canopy Material, Dyneema OL2 lines, and extra Insignia Tape.

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2016 Zian Hantu 8m

2016 Zian Hantu 8m

Designed to accelerate your progression no matter what your style is, the HantuII blends a real C-kite feel with the performance, simplicity and safety of a delta kite.

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